Tuesday, July 24, 2012

how 82012


hey, so as it turns out we're going on a small weekend tour with another western mass band, ratzinger (http://ratzinger.bandcamp.com)
we're going to be playing 4 dates with them as well as one date by ourselves in boston.
this is what it looks like so far.
8/16* @ flywheel in easthampton, ma w/ disobey (nj) and starvation dance (new western mass punk)
8/17* @ tba w/ tba
8/18* @ abc no rio in brooklyn, nyc w/tba
8/19* @ das bath haus in new brunswick, nj w/tba
8/20 @ midway cafe in jamaica plain, boston w/ they as in them, vultures, traces of empire, and kyklops
*with ratzinger

we also will be contributing 3-4 songs to a split release with ratzinger that we're recording soon.

supposedly, we will have our demo cassettes in august, although it seems increasingly more unlikely.

in other words, we played a show with raw nerves (or), stripmines (nc), outdates, and concrete cross (ny) in holyoke yesterday. it was awesome, and you would do yourself well to check out all these bands... good people and good music.

show 72312

we already played this, but it was fucking awesome.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

show 7112

hopefully the threats of a demo tape release will be over soon... in other news, we've been writing lots of new songs and have a show coming up with brown sugar as well as local boys in neutral fixation and twerps. possibly a few more shows coming up. there have been murmurs of a split release at some point...